Can catcalling be done yet?
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Can catcalling be done yet?


Over the weekend, I was catcalled and followed home by a group of guys to within an inch of my patience. Actually, I completely lost my patience, but let’s focus on what’s important.

The important thing is that this needs to stop.

Too often are we as women followed on the streets. We are made the objects of comments we don’t want to receive, about who we are, what we look like, where we’re going, or worse.

It is disgusting, and the most objectifying, infuriating and demeaning thing that happens to me as a woman on a regular basis.

The next night, I was unable to fall asleep thinking about what happened:

I started to do a little research on how to end catcalling, and street harassment.

Sidebar: Wouldn’t be great if we could end all harassment, like this fine diddy that also happened while I was out the same night:

I was motivated to create some sort of pledge to end catcalling, but I have found that there are already a few organizations working to accomplish the same goal.

There’s one called Hollaback! that actually has a local presence. There is also an organization called “Stop Street Harassment,” and many more websites detailing just how often women are catcalled, their individual experiences and how they have responded.

I look forward to getting involved. I refuse to keep having to stand up for myself when I’m being followed home and called an “ugly b****” when I didn’t do anything wrong.


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