I want a background check on Grandma Geraldine
Marley McMillan

I want a background check on Grandma Geraldine

Remember when a guy put a photo of his sweet old Grandma Geraldine when she was 20 on Reddit and she looked exactly like Scarlet Johansson?

At the time, ScarJo asked Geraldine to the premiere of her new movie Rough Night, and the actress has followed through on her promise.

One problem: Grandma Geraldine looks nothing like Scarlet Johansson, not even in the “I’m an older version” way.

She looks like a pleasant lady and good on ScarJo for following through, but this wouldn’t be the first time someone has faked something on the Internet or pulled a fast one to get closer to a celebrity.

Maybe Geraldine is just a huge fan of ScarJo and her grandson hatched the clever plan for her benefit. Maybe someone photoshopped Scar Jo’s face on her body.

This was the only photo I thought there might be a minor resemblance:

I’m not saying it’s not her. I’m saying I’d like to see some more photos of Grandma Geraldine between then and now.

I know time has passed, but last time I checked 50 years doesn’t give you a nose job.


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