I can’t quit ‘Gilmore Girls’
Colleen Lindstrom

I can’t quit ‘Gilmore Girls’

You guys. Why didn’t you tell me that this is the greatest show on earth? My entire weekend has been consumed with learning all about Stars Hallow and its inhabitants  beginning with Season 1 of “Gilmore Girls.”

Since the “Gilmore Girls” revival debuted on Netflix on Thanksgiving, it’s all anyone has been talking about. And I felt the pop culture blind spot heavily. I never watched the show. I have no excuse. I had heard it was good, but never got into it.

So, I decided to commit. And make no bones about it, watching “Gilmore Girls” from the beginning is a commitment. It’s no small task. Seven full seasons, of 20+ episodes each. And each episode without commercial breaks is 45 minutes long.

Let’s just say, when the theme song begins, my kids can name that tune in one note, and I have been responding to the name “Lorelei” all weekend.

I have but one request, please don’t spoil the revival for me, because unless we find a way to extend weekends to about 7 days, find a wrinkle in the space time continuum that allows me to stop time for everyone else while I finish this job up, or I take the next few days of work in favor of rotting in front of the light up pixels it’s going to take a while for me to get through this.

But I’ll get through it. That is certain.



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