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Cardi B accuses plaintiff in album cover case of ‘harassing’ her

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Cardi B

Cardi B took the witness stand on Wednesday in a lawsuit over one of her album covers.

California man Kevin Brophy has filed a lawsuit against the Up rapper over the cover of her Gangsta B**ch Vol. 1 album, claiming his distinctive back tattoo was photoshopped onto the model in the cover to make it appear as if Brophy was performing oral sex on her.

Released in 2016, the record’s cover features Cardi – real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar – drinking beer while holding a man’s head between her thighs.

According to Billboard, the model between the 30-year-old’s legs consented to the shoot. A graphic designer on the project reportedly later searched “back tattoos” on Google Images and photoshopped one onto the model; the tattoo in question – a tiger fighting a snake – turned out to be Brophy’s.

Brophy initially sued the rapper in 2017 for using his likeness without his consent, violating his right to privacy, and casting him in a “false light” that he found “highly offensive”.

The case’s trial began on Tuesday, with Brophy testifying that the cover had brought him “hurt and shame”.

On Wednesday, Cardi argued that the model used in the photo looks sufficiently different to Brophy that he would not be mistaken for the model based on his tattoo. She noted that the model is “a Black man” and Brophy is white, the model has hair and Brophy’s head is shaved.

“It’s not Mr. Brophy’s back. It doesn’t look like Mr. Brophy at all,” she told the court. “Y’all have been harassing me for $5 million.”

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