CASH ME OUSIDE girl has a RAP song
Dawn McClain

CASH ME OUSIDE girl has a RAP song

Hate to say this, but this isn’t bad.  When I say bad, I’m talking about Rebecca Black bad.  As far as rap music goes, and following trap music trends….Danielle Bregoli isn’t doing an awful job for her first single.  Now, if you are really not into hip hop or the urban genre, you probably will hate it.  If  you don’t know who Danielle is, she became famous for being the most unruly teen to ever grace the Dr. Phil Stage.

Considering she has committed major crimes already and is headed straight to prison if she doesn’t get her act together, I am glad she has found some focus in her life.  We hate that she has been rewarded with a career based on her awful behavior, but we really can’t avoid that at this point.  The public will always be interested in her, so at least she is doing something else besides stealing cars.  Lets hope she will grow out of this phase and use this opportunity to turn her life around. 



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