Monday, January 10th

Look at Matthew McConaughey’s Mom at 90! New Magnolia network pulls first show after allegations of shoddy work Money Monday: Here’s the chart to save $5000 in 26 weeks! Here’s…

Thursday, January 6th

Adele might get a steal on Sly Stallone’s old house Most anticipated movies of 2022 Watch Chip and Joanna Gaines’ original audition tape from 2012 Here’s the funny Betty White/Joan…

Wednesday, January 5th

Jason Derulo gets in casino fight Beavis and Butthead are coming back, and have aged! Need a smile? Watch this Robin Williams/Elmo blooper:)

Tuesday, January 4th

Have you ever heard of (or seen) the Pittsburgh Potty Check out The Weeknd’s “old face” album cover Chuck E. Cheese animatronic fails – funny!   Just because.