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Your Cat by Elizabeth Hodgkins Primal Pooch Weekly Cute: Dogs Being Interviewed by Reporters   Charity Event Spotlight: Cystic Fibrosis Charity Event at Lucy’s Burger May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness…

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Fur-Get-Me-Nots Pet Supplies Holistic Vet Care Weekly Cute: Three-Legged Dog Battling Cancer Rescues Baby Otter From St. Croix River

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Top Ten Best Rated Pet Insurance Brain Teasers for Dogs by Christina Sondermann Weekly Cute: This puppy can’t get enough of his owner’s boyfriend. Watch HERE  

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Amy DeLong Holistic Pet Practitioner joins the show to talk to Katie about essential oils for your pets! If you want more information about essential oils for your pets, or…

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Dr. Jessica Levy from Holisitic Vet Care joins the show! If you have any questions about your pets health, contact Dr. Levy HERE Weekly Cute: This is really showing love…