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Catherine Zeta Jones thrilled to finally work with local hero Michael Sheen

26th Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards
Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones was thrilled to land a role in Michael Sheen’s TV drama Prodigal Son after almost crossing paths with the Welsh actor while growing up.

The actress and Sheen were born in the same area of Wales and have mutual friends – but never actually met.

“My parents know his mum and dad,” the Oscar winner tells Access Daily. “I was in the contemporary dance theatre and he was in the acting theatre… We just literally crossed paths all this time.

“We know childhood friends of each other. It’s really unbelievable.”

Catherine says finally collaborating with Michael has lived up to all her expectations, with the pair swapping stories about Wales on set.

“This is my opportunity to work with him and it’s been thus far everything I thought (it would be),” she smiled. “We reminisce and we both click back into our very strong Welsh accents and it’s been a real treat. He’s such a wonderful actor.”

The actress plays Dr. Vivian Capshaw in the show currently airing on Fox and revealed she “gravitates” to dark material like this family drama.

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