Celebrate the birth of hip-hop with my favorite break of all time!

Celebrate the birth of hip-hop with my favorite break of all time!

Happy birthday, hip hop!

It was on this day back in 1973 that DJ Kool Herc threw a back to school party and created the break, extending instrumental portions of the music he was playing to let people dancer longer. Herc also starting MC’ing over these extended instrumental breaks.

And music was never the same.

To celebrate this momentous cultural anniversary, Google Doodle is taking it next level with their interactive turntable, allowing users to mix and match their own breaks and sample to create unique mixes.

It’s massive fun to play with these breaks and lucky for me, included in Google’s crate of break is my favorite break of all time, the Amen Break.

The Amen Break is from the track “Amen Brother” by The Winstons, a funk group from the 1960’s.

The six second break starts at 1:26 on the above track. This tiny sample helped lay the foundation of early hip hop, becoming a favorite sample of many influential artists. N.W.A’s “Straight Outta Compton” is one of the most famous:

Not only was the Amen Break used it hip hop, but it’s been used in thousands of songs across many genres of music. Thankfully, the creators of the Amen Break, The Winstons, are getting their due and proper notoriety for changing music forever.




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