myTalk 107.1 Celebrates Prince

It’s been a year since we lost Prince.

When he died we learned that he was more human, more caring and generous…and at the same time somehow still bigger than life.

On Friday we celebrate Prince.
Listen in as we talk about the man that made Minneapolis (and St. Paul) cool.

#CelebratePrince with myTalk 107.1

Throughout the day

myTalk hosts share memories and stories and discuss the lasting effects of Prince’s music and life.

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Win a pair of passes to Paisley Park.

Round Table discussion about Prince’s impact and legacy on the Twin Cities

One year ago, we lost our hometown hero Prince suddenly and unexpectedly. The community was shaken, and fans were left reminiscing about what Prince meant to them. Now, one year later, 4 of myTalks biggest Prince fans come together in the first hour of the Colleen and Bradley show to remember the impact that Prince had on their lives, and share some of YOUR memories, too.

  • Lori & Julia interview Stacia Lang, Prince's costume designer

    Lori & Julia chat with Stacia Lang, Prince's costume designer in the early '90's, about his legendary sense of style.

  • myTalk Celebrates Prince - "Prince: The Secret Life"

    Colleen and Alisha interview Michael Kelley, one of the Executive Producers of "Prince: The Secret Life" airing on Reelz Channel.

  • myTalk Celebrates Prince: Paul McGuire Grimes on Prince's TV and movie appearances

    Movie and TV critic Paul McGuire Grimes joins Colleen and Alisha to remember Prince's appearances in film and TV!

  • Colleen & Holly interview author Ben Greenman

    Colleen and Holly interview New York Times best-selling author Ben Greenman about his new book, "DIG IF YOU WILL THE PICTURE: Funk, Sex, God and Genius in the Music of Prince."

  • myTalk Celebrates Prince: The Round Table

    Colleen, Donna, Lori and Rocco share their memories of Prince and his legacy on the first anniversary of his passing in this special round table discussion.

  • Prince Talk - Inside Paisley Park during the anniversary of Prince's death.

    From our Prince Round Table on myTalk 107.1

  • myTalkers share intimate Prince moments

    Donna & Marley take calls on listeners' favorite Prince moments.

  • The best Prince tribute ever

    Donna & Marley discuss what they think still might be the best tribute to Prince we've seen yet.

  • Is this the most underrated Prince song ever?

    Steve Patterson presents to Donna & Marley what he thinks is the most underrated Prince song of all time.

  • Prince's best TV moments

    Steve Patterson joins Donna & Marley to remember some of Prince's television appearances, including on New Girl and the Muppets.

  • Prince chats with Arsenio Hall in 2014

    Donna & Marley discuss one of Prince's final talk show appearances on the Arsenio Hall show in 2014.

  • Prince's #1 songs

    Donna & Marley continue taking calls on special moments with Prince and take a listen to a few of hit #1 hits.

  • Prince explains why he was flashy

    On with Arsenio Hall in 2014, Prince explained why he was so flashy early in his career.

  • Mel B interviews Prince (Part 2)

    Donna & Marley continue to discuss Prince's 1996 interview with Mel B.

  • One of Prince's favorite interviews

    Spice Girl Mel B interviewed Prince in 1998 in what he proclaimed at the time was his favorite interview.

  • Dawn's visit to Paisley Park on Thursday

    Dawn McClain of the morning show joins Donna & Marley to describe her experience at Paisley Park on Thursday.

  • Donna & Marley visit Paisley Park

    Donna & Marley discuss the highlights of having visited Paisley Park last weekend.

  • Prince Talk - Paisley Park

    Donna and Marley talk about what you see at Paisley Park now.

  • Prince talk - Memories about the day that Prince died.

    Jason, Stephanie and Dawn talk about the day - and night - that Prince died.

  • Prince talk - his relationships and marriages.

    Jason, Stephanie and Dawn talk about the loves of Prince's life.

  • Jason plays Prince's interview with Oprah.

    Prince coverage April 21, 2017 All Prince, all day long - on myTalk 107.1

  • Jason talks to listeners who had run into Prince in various places.

    Prince coverage April 21, 2017 All Prince, all day long - on myTalk 107.1

  • Jason talks Prince and a listener runs into Prince at a job interview.

    Prince coverage April 21, 2017 All Prince, all day long - on myTalk 107.1.

  • Sheila E interview

    Jason talks to Prince friend and band mate Sheila E.

  • Calls about Prince in listeners lives

    A woman's boyfriend cheats on her at a Prince concert and the story about Prince stopping to talk to a homeless man in Minneapolis.

  • Listener Prince sightings

    Jason and listeners talk about sightings and brushes with Prince in the Twin Cities.

  • The Minneapolis skyline's purple tribute to Prince.

    Prince talk about his love and loyalty to Minnesota and to the Twin Cities.

  • What was it like to see a Prince Show at Paisley Park?

    Stephanie went to one of the last performances that Prince did not long before he died.

  • Day One with Dawn at the Paisley Park celebration

    Jason and Dawn talk about Dawn's tour of Paisley Park and the special Prince Panel she got to witness as Day 1 of the anniversary celebration kicked off at Paisley.

  • Memories from listeners on their memories about Prince

    Prince coverage April 21, 2017 All Prince, all day long - on myTalk 107.1

  • Prince Talk on Jason and Alexis

    Jason talks about the day Prince died and reaction from the audience at his television show.

  • First memories of Prince as a musician

    Talk about the music and songs that first made us Prince fans.