Celebrity Big Brother: The Girl Alliance Falls Apart!
Dawn McClain

Celebrity Big Brother: The Girl Alliance Falls Apart!

Well, we are one week into our Celebrity Big Brother U.S. edition, and already the 7 strong “Girl alliance”  has crumbled to bits.

It’s simple, ladies!  Stick together, no matter what!  They just couldn’t do it.  In the alliance is :

Shannon Elizabeth: Played the girl in American Pie.  Became a pro-poker player.  The strongest contender in the big brother house on the girl’s side.  Won first head of household and first Veto competition.  She has a target on her back as big as Texas at the moment, but not bigger than:

Omarosa Manigault: Former Apprentice Season 1 Star, and recently fired from the White House.  Ambitious and regretful for her part in the current administration’s unruly tweets.  We are seeing the softer side of Omarosa, but this Friday, the claws came out!

Ariadna Gutierez:  Ms. Columbia in last year’s Miss Universe Pageant, made famous by Steve Harvey’s infamous mistake in giving her the Crown. Currently holding her spot as the least likely to win a spelling bee, but excelling at flying under the radar but not on purpose.  So far, what is your strategy?

Marissa Jaret Winokur: Broadway star who won a Tony in 2003 for her role as Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray.  She is nice on the surface, currently underestimated and flying under the radar ON PURPOSE.   My problem with her game so far: The delusional idea that she will come out of this game playing an “honest and clean game”.  Eventually, you will stab everyone in the back.

Brandi Glanville: Star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills; Spurned lover of a guy who cheated on her and subsequently married Country singer Leann Rhymes.  She had a bitter feud going on publicly with Leann for years.  She’s known for her love of the champagne.  Big Brother is supplying her with a lot of booze currently, so she is probably drunk right at this moment.  I noticed that she spends a lot of time cooking in the house rather than conspiring with others.  Get your head out of the bottle and out of the kitchen, Brandi.  Eventually you will have to play the game instead of riding other’s coat tails.

Keshia Knight Pulliam: Rudy Huxtable from the Cosby show.  At first, Omarosa upset Keshia by comparing her support of Bill Cosby to her support of President Trump.  Finally, they have come together to create the BGM alliance (Black Girl Magic).  Unfortunately, the rest of the alliance got wind of her side talks with Chuck Lidell.  The Girl alliance turned against them and now they are up for elimination this week.

Ross Matthews:  Yes, he is a part of the girls alliance, but just wait.  He will emerge as his own unique butterfly and take it to the end.  Ross Matthews didn’t fit in with the super-masculine rest of the house, so he went to the lady side.  But let me just say, he is my favorite to win this game.  He is non threatening, wicked smart and a huge big brother fan.  Currently teamed up with several alliances, his closest ally is Marissa.  Until she stabs him in the back…but I quote him, “People have been underestimating me for years.  I just let them do it.  Underestimate me all the way to the finale.”  YOU GO ROSS!

Right now (spoiler alert) up on the chopping block is Omarosa (my fav to go home this week) and Keshia.  Will BGM die?  I’d love to see them both stay in the game, since they actually are trying, rather than see someone like Ariadna or Brandi progress.  But that is not how Big Brother Works.

The alliance has crumbled because Omarosa had beef with Shannon saying the words, “that’s not good for my game”, pointing out…”You are only thinking of yourself”.  Those were fighting words.  The rest of the alliance formed a new plan, and ousted Chuck from the house instead of the previous plan to oust James.  I still don’t agree with that strategy. I think in the end, it will bite them in the behind.

Ross for the Win!  Here is a clip of Omarosa calming explaining in a stern way that she was stabbed in the back by Elizabeth.  You have to face the music, Shannon.





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