Celebrity foot doctor not a fan of Kim Kardashian’s clear shoe trend
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Celebrity foot doctor not a fan of Kim Kardashian’s clear shoe trend

Celebrity podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine has urged Kim Kardashian West fans to avoid the star’s unhealthy plastic shoe trend.


The reality TV fashion icon and her famous sisters have been donning sexy see-through heels designed by Kim’s husband Kanye West for his YEEZY line all summer, but apparently the look is bad for good foot health.

Foot doctor to the stars Levine insists an untold amount of issues could arise by consistently wearing plastic footwear – and spark unsightly fungal infections.

“You are putting your feet at serious risk by essentially wrapping them in non-breathable plastic,” the New York based podiatrist told Page Six. “Without any aeration, the moist environment can exacerbate pre-existing fungal conditions or bacterial infections, in addition to increasing your risk for blisters.

“The non-breathable material leads to hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and bromhidrosis (excessive odour) – in other words, ‘smelly feet!’”

The physician also noted little will be left to the imagination in such a shoe: “There is no hiding corns and calluses, bunions, hammertoes or the pedicure you forgot to get in these shoes,” she shared.

Dr. Levine has compassion for fashionistas who can’t bear to turn away from the stylish trend and instead of swearing off the plastic footwear completely, she suggests wearing such looks, including the YEEZY season four thigh-high boot, with moderation and caution.

“I would not recommend them as a daily shoe, but being a real ‘shoe-aholic’ myself, I could see how the trend is tempting,” she confessed. “Wear them when the sun goes down, only for a few hours at a time and start off with the shorter pairs. I don’t recommend diving straight into the full boot!”

“I would wear them with some sort of drying agent, (like) antiperspirant or spray powder,” the foot doctor added.

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