Charlie Sheen has got Minnesota in the news!
Colleen Lindstrom

Charlie Sheen has got Minnesota in the news!

Last week Charlie Sheen was in the Twin Cities for an appearance at Wizard World Comic Con. (Don’t think for one second that I didn’t try to get him on for an interview).

And when the hot mess comes to Minneapolis, he delivers. And now the tabloids are talking about his visit.

It seems that he spent an evening partying at Cowboy Jacks (which Radar Online refers to as a “dive bar.” Is Cowboy Jacks a dive bar? I didn’t think so… oh well…). According to onlookers he didn’t drink while he was there, stayed about three hours, and didn’t allow photos. Except for this one… on Cowboy Jack’s official Twitter account. (Also, props to Charlie Sheen for the Twins gear! Thanks for the love.)

The next day, he showed up happily on time for his Wizard World Comic Con appearance and excitedly greeted fans.




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