Charlie Sheen on Today: “I am HIV Positive”
Colleen Lindstrom

Charlie Sheen on Today: “I am HIV Positive”

As predicted, actor Charlie Sheen announced on the “Today Show” this morning that he is HIV positive. His diagnosis came over 4 years ago.

Charlie Sheen maintains that he notified all sexual partners of his diagnosis, and had protected sex. Since, he has paid millions of dollars in hush money to keep this secret under wraps.

His doctor joined him later to notify the public that the virus is virtually undetectable in his blood.

Charlie Sheen says after the diagnosis, he spent a lot of time dealing with his depression by drinking and taking elicit drugs. He still drinks on occasion, but hopes that the public announcement of his HIV will help him accept it and move forward. He also does not plan to pay others to keep it quiet from now on.



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