Charlie Sheen ‘shaken down’ for 10m
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Charlie Sheen ‘shaken down’ for 10m

Charlie Sheen’s finances are “not great” as he has spent upwards of $10 million paying people to keep his HIV diagnosis secret.

The 50-year-old actor appeared on America’s Today show on Tuesday (17Nov15) to confirm he is HIV positive, putting an end to days of speculation about his health. During his interview with Matt Lauer the star revealed he was diagnosed four years ago, and since then he has been the victim of many “shakedowns” as people he trusted threatened to sell the story.

Matt told the camera Charlie had admitted spending upwards of $10 million on these payments, leaving the star, who was the highest paid TV actor in the world for his work on Two and a Half Men raking in $1.8 million per episode at one point, struggling financially.

“My financial place is not great,” Charlie admitted. “It’ll be great again. I’m a survivor – I’ve been up and down I’ve been rich and poor… it’s another chapter in my life, it’s not commerce driven, it’s socially driven.”

He was quick to point out none of the money he’s paid has been for “any contamination, not for any transference”, but rather to stop people selling stories about his condition.

The star was asked if he expected to have lawsuits filed against him, following claims some of his ex partners might be gearing up to sue. He suggested this could happen, although Charlie was adamant he has always been honest about his diagnosis with his partners and has only had unprotected sex with two people since he received it – both of who were informed beforehand. He added anyone who sues will have an impossible task ahead as proof of any wrongdoing on his part “doesn’t exist”.

“I mean I would be predicting the future and assuming the worst, I can only imagine based on what’s already come down the pipe, and I’ve been forced to deal with (over the last few days), I’m sure that’s (lawsuits) next. I’m sure,” he said.

“Having divulged it (diagnosis) is the reason I’m in the mess I’m in with having all the shakedowns. I can’t sit here and protect against all of that I can only sit here with you and tell my truth.”

Charlie is a father of five and he opened up about telling his eldest daughter Casandra, who is 30, about his illness. The star’s voice broke as he shared their conversation, with Charlie forced to take time to compose himself.

“I told my oldest daughter the other night and I felt bad, it hit her hard,” he said. “I said ‘Sweetie, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner but it didn’t seem like you could do anything for me and I didn’t want to burden you with the stress.’ She was a rock star (about it).”

He confirmed his ex-wives Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller both know he is HIV positive. As he was diagnosed four years ago, which was around the time he was getting divorced from Brooke, he immediately called her and told her to get checked. Her spokesperson has since confirmed she and their sons are not HIV positive.

Going forward, Charlie hopes to receive support after being honest about his illness. This comes as he slammed some of the rumors he’s heard over recent days, many of which are the reason he has decided to reveal his truth.

“I would hope it (the media) would be a lot more forgiving and supportive than some of the garbage I was reading in the last couple of days. Frankly I don’t think it could get any worse,” he said.

“(The worst thing I’ve read is) that I knew I had AIDS and I was intentionally spreading it – I just thought damn, that’s as far from the truth as it’s possible to be.”

Now he has opened up about having HIV, the actor spoke of what is in store for him in the future. “If there was one guy on this earth to contract this that’s going to deliver a cure it’s me,” he stated. “Seriously, it’s me. I’m not gonna be the poster man for this but I will not shun away from responsibilities and opportunities that drive me to help others and find a cure. I will pick my spots carefully and respectively (to talk about it).

“As we speak I have the chairman of Sony excited about doing a show again, I have a couple of films lined up that I can put start days on. A lot of people said… well of course, he’s still the best guy for the job. Thus far there’s been no resistance.”

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