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Charlie Sheen supports daughter Sami’s OnlyFans account after Denise Richards dispute

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Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen has had a change of heart and now supports his daughter Sami having an OnlyFans account.

Sami Sheen, 18, announced on 13 June that she was starting a profile on the subscription platform, which is known for its salacious content.

Initially, the Two and A Half Men star issued a statement to outlets saying he “doesn’t condone this”, adding that the account creation “did not occur under my roof”, effectively blaming his ex-wife Denise Richards.

Sami’s mother Denise responded by stating, “Sami is 18, and this decision wasn’t based on whose house she lives in.”

On Friday, the Wild Things actress publicly declared her support for Sami’s profile, writing, “I wish I had the confidence my 18 yr old daughter has. And I also can’t be judgemental of her choices. I did Wild Things & Playboy, quite frankly her father shouldn’t be either.”

She continued, “I recently learned about @onlyfans in the last few months. The judgement because women & men of the adult film industry are on there. I imagine they’re on Instagram & Twitter as well.”

Charlie soon followed suit and issued another statement expressing his support for Sami too.

“Denise has illuminated a variety of salient points, that in my haste, I overlooked and dismissed,” he said, reports Us Weekly. “Now more than ever, it’s essential that Sami have a united parental front to rely upon, as she embarks on this new adventure. From this moment forward, she’ll have it abundantly.”

Charlie and Denise were married between 2002 and 2006 and she was granted sole legal custody of their daughters Sami and Lola, 17, in 2010.

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