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Charlize Theron used to feel ‘belittled’ by wardrobe fittings on movie sets

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Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron used to feel belittled having wardrobe fittings in front of male directors.

While speaking to Harper’s Bazaar for an interview published on Thursday, the Oscar-winning actress opened up about feeling powerless on a film set when it came to trying on her characters’ clothes.

“Having absolutely no control over what you’re wearing is a big one that really f**king annoyed me for years. Having some guy make you have a fitting almost in front of them – stuff like that, it’s really belittling,” the actress explained. “When I started, there was no conversation around it. It was like, ‘This is what you’re wearing.'”

Charlize recalled one experience where her lack of control over her wardrobe on set particularly grated on her.

“I remember one movie in particular, this male director who just kept bringing me in, fitting after fitting after fitting after… And it was just so obvious that it was to do with my sexuality and how f**kable they could make me in the movie,” Charlize shared.

She lamented that “when I started out, that was just kind of the norm”.

Charlize’s production company Denver & Delilah focuses on using make-up and wardrobe in respectful ways for women on set, Harper’s Bazaar reports. She said of the initiative, “There’s a natural fight in me to want to create environments that feel like the things that I wish I had 30 years ago when I started.”

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