Cheat Day at the Fair: Breakfast Malt!
Bradley Traynor

Cheat Day at the Fair: Breakfast Malt!

I have the hardest job in all the land… Gab with friends and eat amazing food.

Rough life, right? Not even close.

Colleen and I have been sampling our way across the Minnesota State Fair since Thursday. I’ve now gained 112 pounds, but I’m happier for it.

The best new thing at the fair I ate today? The Breakfast Malt at the Dairy Barn.

A vanilla malt topped off with mini donuts, chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

After a full day of fair food fiesta, this was the best nightcap I could possible inhale.

And it’s only a flavor you’re likely to see this year, so hurry up and grab one before our great get together is gone!

Good night, sweet Fair.

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