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Cher invited Christina Ricci to production meetings on set of Mermaids

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Christina Ricci

Cher used to invite Christina Ricci to production meetings on Mermaids so she would feel “more secure” on set.

During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday, host Stephen asked the Yellowjackets actress whether she ever made a mentor when she was a child star in Hollywood.

In response, Christina quickly praised Cher for taking her under her wing when they were making the 1990 comedy-drama, which also featured Winona Ryder.

“When I was nine, my first movie was Mermaids with Cher. And Cher literally answered every single question I ever had,” she recalled. “Wanted me to always know what was going on. We changed directors in the middle of filming and she didn’t want me to feel scared or insecure so she would have production meetings in her trailer and she would hide me in the back so I could hear everything that was going on. She felt like it was very important, even though I was a child, I still understood what was going on on set.”

As a result, Christina credited Cher with making her feel comfortable among all of the adults.

“It honestly made me feel more secure. It was really great. She was every bit as wonderful as you’d think Cher would be,” the 43-year-old smiled.

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