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Cheryl Burke requests trial for Matthew Lawrence divorce

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Cheryl Burke

Cheryl Burke has requested a trial for her divorce case from Matthew Lawrence.

According to court documents obtained by Us Weekly, the Dancing with the Stars alum’s attorney filed a motion on Thursday to request a trial setting for Burke’s divorce case from Lawrence.

Lawyers for both parties have signed off on the request.

The trial is set to discuss the dissolution of marriage, spousal support, division of property, attorney fees, and other legal costs. As per legal documents, it is scheduled for three days, unless both parties sign off on a shorter trial length.

Attorney Goldie Schon said of the filing, “Cheryl’s attorney filed a request for trial setting because he’s trying to push the other side to move and get things done. He’s trying to push it because it’s going to take probably three months to get a trial setting conference on (the) calendar – it’s an appointment to get the court to set a trial six months later.

“So, they’ll get a request for a trial setting conference probably in August or September to go to the courthouse to sit in front of the judge and get another date for the trial. This is not happening any time soon.”

Burke filed for divorce from Lawrence in February. They wed in May 2019.

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