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Chloe Bailey experienced ‘separation anxiety’ while away from Halle Bailey

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Chloe Bailey

Chloe Bailey found it “really scary” when she was away from sister Halle Bailey for the first time.

The siblings, who rose to fame as part of the duo Chloe x Halle, have pursued solo careers in recent years.

But during an interview for the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, Chloe admitted that she found it difficult to be apart from her younger sibling when Halle was cast as the lead in the upcoming live-action adaptation of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

“I’ve had to learn who I am individually. We both had separation anxiety when she travelled to London to film The Little Mermaid. It was really scary for both of us because she’s my other half,” she told the outlet. “Halle always says that I play a mother role. It’s funny, when we look at baby pictures, even though I was just two years old, I was the one feeding her with her bottle, rocking her in her chair, burping her – as young as I was. Even up until now, she’s like my little baby.”

Of late, Chloe has been promoting her new album, In Pieces.

Reflecting on her “transition” from child star to mature artist, the 24-year-old insisted that she doesn’t try to “single” herself out from other young women.

“It just seems like it’s happening a lot to me because I’m on a public forum as a Black woman. So it doesn’t feel different. All of us are going through this,” the star added.

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