CHONAS BONUS: GODLEN GLOBES: Priyanka and Nick can’t even get their story correct…
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CHONAS BONUS: GODLEN GLOBES: Priyanka and Nick can’t even get their story correct…

Surprise! Our favorite publationship (a celebrity relationship in service of celebrity) made an appearance last night at the Golden Globes: CHONAS!

What is a CHONAS? It’s Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas.

We weren’t expecting an appearance by the couple at the annual Hollywood party, but the Golden Globes announced yesterday that Priyanka would be a last-minute presenter:

When the Golden Globes need someone to fill-in at a moment’s notice, Priyanka is there to save the day!

Of course, Priyanka couldn’t rock the red carpet solo, it had to be made into a “date night” with Nick. And apparently their date got off to a hot start with a little in-limo action? ACCESS HOLLYWOOD wanted to know all the details:

Oh, wait? They weren’t getting all up on each other in the limo? Did that actually happen at the Met Gala? THEY DON’T KNOW BECAUSE IT NEVER HAPPENED.


But we do know what was happening in the limo to the Golden Globes and it wasn’t makin’ out, it was makin’ Instagram content. Nick posted to his Instagram stories that he was eating Tic Tacs on the way to the Beverly Hilton. He and Priyanka were sitting in separate seats. HOT.

Also, let’s read this body language on the Golden Globes red carpet. Doesn’t scream intimacy, does it? Because there is no intimacy. Just look at Nick’s hand hover!

Now, let’s get to the ceremony!

Not only did Priyanka present at the Golden Globes, but she brought Nick on stage, too. By the way, Nick is a judge on THE VOICE on NBC, the same network that airs the Golden Globes. CORPORATE SYNERGY! So even if it was only announced that Priyanka was presenting, the suits at NBC we’re probably like,  “You two have a publationship, so get out there and sell our programming!”

And here’s the “happy” couple presenting the award for best TV series – musical or comedy:

OOF, they should be awarded most awkward performance by a fake couple for that exchange.

Ah, the showmance is real, folks!


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