CHONAS BONUS: Jessica Simpson has unintentional dirt on Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s wedding
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CHONAS BONUS: Jessica Simpson has unintentional dirt on Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s wedding

It’s time for another CHONAS BONUS!

Our CHONAS BONUS segment is where we talk about our favorite publationship (a relationship for publicity): Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra.

First, we need to talk about these silly headlines concerning Nick and Priyanka’s “spring date style.”

Wow, look, they’re wearing CLOTHES. And all anyone can talk about is Priyanka’s Dracula dress. And like in any good publationship, the press about the dress includes a link to buy! (Please don’t spend a mortgage payment on this dress.)

But that’s just the warm-up CHONAS story!

Colleen is currently reading Jessica Simpson’s memoir, OPEN BOOK and it turns out that Jessica has some unintentional CHONAS gossip!

In the book, Jessica talks about how she and her current husband, Erin Johnson, were going to skip out on a lavish wedding and opt for a simple justice of the peace ceremony. That is, until PEOPLE magazine stepped in with an offer they couldn’t refuse!

According to Simpson, PEOPLE said they’d pay for the wedding in exchange for exclusive access to the nuptials. Lo and behold, Simpson and Johnson’s wedding was featured on the cover PEOPLE issue, complete with 27 exclusive ceremony photos!

Huh. So PEOPLE magazine pays for celebrity weddings in exchange for exclusive access to their ceremonies. Who else had a PEOPLE exclusive wedding?


So we’re gonna read between the lines here and assume that PEOPLE at least paid for part of the CHONAS wedding extravaganza. But let’s be honest, they probably paid for the whole thing.

That is Publationship 101: Have your life be a spon-con (sponsored content) experience.

Listen to Colleen and Bradley tell you what’s REALLY going on with Nick and Pryianka here:


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