Choose a new State Fair malt flavor!
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Choose a new State Fair malt flavor!


This is so cool! The Minnesota State Fair’s Dairy Goodness Bar has set up a poll to determine a brand new malt flavor for this year’s upcoming fair.

And the flavors might not be what you’d expect. Here are the descriptions, per the Midwest Dairy Association:

That’s My Jam! – A surprising flavor sensation, “That’s My Jam!” takes the ice cream experience to a whole new level. Vanilla malt or sundae topped with a flavorful pepper jam and crunchy oyster crackers, this tempting treat is a refreshing and delicious blend of sweet and savory. Spicy? No. Delicious? Yes.

Scotch Hopper Crunch – Think: dipping fries in a malt on a hot summer day. Crispy shoestring potatoes, butterscotch chips and chocolate syrup topping a vanilla malt or sundae give this dairy delicacy a nostalgic, satisfying flavor.

Call It Breakfast – It’s okay to call this malt “breakfast.” Perhaps you think of Sunday mornings; in the church basement, at grandma’s house or even sitting on the porch reading a newspaper. Pull up a chair and enjoy the taste of Sunday morning with a vanilla malt or ice cream topped with sprinkles, chocolate and latte-flavored syrup, and chunks of bakery-fresh donuts.

Marley feels lukewarm about the Scotch Hopper Crunch, but all three of us want the “Call it Breakfast”!

Which flavor do you think sounds the best?

Click here to vote!

And see you at the Fair! We’re already getting excited… 🙂


Donna, Marley & Tam


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