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Chris Eubank breaks down in tears discussing son’s tragic death during reality show

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Chris Eubank

Chris Eubank broke down in tears as he opened up about the death of his son Sebastian on the celebrity reality show Scared of the Dark on Sunday night.

The former boxer lost his son Sebastian just a week before his 30th birthday in July 2021, when he suffered a heart attack while swimming in the sea in Dubai. It was later revealed he had an undiagnosed pre-existing heart condition.

Comedian and fellow contestant Chris McCausland asked the 56-year-old if he had recently lost his son during the episode, and he replied, “It was always going to be recent.”

As he spoke about his son, Chris became emotional and admitted Sebastian, one of his five children, was “everything” to him. He described his son as “a poet, philosopher, lover, protector, and a man of love”.

“Things he did, he was magnificent. My son was, is, an inspiration and will always be an inspiration,” Chris shared.

Later, speaking to the camera, he added, “Your son…. they never leave you, ever. They are always with you. Always. My son Sebastian is much more than I could ever explain to you. The tragedy of losing a son who’s 29, imagine crying that hard, and then months later being grateful that you cried that hard for your son. It wasn’t one tear, it was an ocean.”

Scared of the Dark follows a bunch of celebrities while they live, eat and sleep all in complete darkness for 180 hours. The show will be broadcast across five consecutive nights on Channel 4 in the U.K. and conclude on Thursday.

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