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Chrishell Stause walks back comments against People’s Choice Awards organisers

2022 Peoples Choice Awards
Chrishell Stause

Chrishell Stause followed up on a statement she made slamming the People’s Choice Awards.

After calling out the organisers of the 2022 People’s Choice Awards on Tuesday for not allowing her to bring her partner G Flip to the show, the Selling Sunset star updated her statements on Wednesday.

“I am on the sauce a bit so I will prob regret this later. BUT people’s choice didn’t allow me to bring my partner to the awards,” Chrishell originally wrote on Twitter. “I could ONLY bring a plus 1 if it was a cast member. Wtf. Sure this means I will never be nominated again but honestly fu.”

On Thursday, the television personality tweeted, “An internal conversation was had that I very much appreciate.

“Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change. The courage to change the things I can. And the wisdom to not tweet while intoxicated.”

Later, she replied to fans criticising her for complaining about a seemingly trivial issue.

“I get it – there are WAY bigger issues,” Chrishell responded. “But these are the things people normally don’t say out loud unless they have multiple correspondence receipts and have had one too many tequilas and dgaf.”

Chrishell also responded to a comment describing her People’s Choice Awards dress as “a little matronly for something so see-through”, claiming, “Agreed. It actually looked SO different in the lighting of the room I tried it on in.”

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