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Chrissy Teigen and Michael Costello speaking again following cyberbullying controversy

Chrissy Teigen out in an Adorable Green Teddy Bear Coat
Michael Costello

Michael Costello and Chrissy Teigen are on speaking terms again following their feud over cyberbullying.

In mid-2021, the designer claimed the TV personality had tried to have him blacklisted from the fashion community back in 2014 over an Instagram comment which allegedly contained a racial slur, a claim Costello vehemently denied.

The controversy led to a feud between them, with each dismissing the other’s allegations, but in a new interview with Fox News, Costello revealed that he and Teigen are “doing fine”.

“I’m doing fine now. I mean, we talked, we’re OK,” he commented, adding that they have spoken a “couple times” since the feud kicked off. “I mean, we’re not like best friends or anything, but we’ve talked and worked out a few things. I have no ill feelings towards Chrissy or towards anybody, towards John (Legend) or anyone.”

Costello went on to insist he “wasn’t trying to come at” Teigen, but simply wanted to convey his experience.

“I was trying to just really address the situation that she really hurt me with some stuff in the past, and she openly admitted to leaving the comment that she did. We talked about it and just worked it out and I wish them nothing but the absolute best,” the former Project Runway contestant added.

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