Chrissy Teigen made her Twitter account private, and I’m sad
Colleen Lindstrom

Chrissy Teigen made her Twitter account private, and I’m sad


Chrissy Teigen is a blast to follow on Twitter. She has a hilarious, opinionated, positive outlook and has the capability to speak for the masses in 140 characters or less. I just love her.

So, I was a little sad to see that as of Tuesday night, she’s pulling way back on her public voice over Twitter. She changed her Twitter account to “private.” Which means that unless she has approved you, you can’t see her tweets.

I get it, as a public figure, you can get caught up in some unintended poop storms. And Chrissy Teigen probably found herself in a heap of those. When asked why she changed her account, she didn’t point to a specific incident. She just said, “Yeah, not strong enough anymore.” When pressed, she continued, “It’s not haters or trolls or generally mean people. I just feel like I am absorbing bad sh*t 24/7. My body and mind cannot handle it anymore.”

If I could sit down and have a chat tete a tete with Chrissy, I’d tell her to remember that when people come at you for something you’ve said, done, or been, it has more to do with them than it does with you. I’d say, “Chrissy, keep doing you. The world needs YOU. Keep your chin up and spread sunshine.” That’s what I’d say, but I can’t tweet to her… because I’m not approved.

So instead, I’ll just say it to you… do you! The world needs you! Namaste!



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