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Christina Ricci shows support for victims after Danny Masterson sentencing

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Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci has spoken out in support of sexual assault victims following Danny Masterson’s sentencing.

The former That ’70s Show star was sentenced to 30 years to life in prison on Thursday after a jury convicted him on two counts of rape against two women in his Hollywood home in the early 2000s.

Seemingly responding to the sentencing, the Yellowjackets star, 43, began in a Sunday Instagram Story, “So sometimes people we have loved and admired do horrible things. They might not do these things to us and we only know who they were to us but that doesn’t mean they didn’t do the horrible things and to discredit the abused is a crime.”

The star continued, “People we know as ‘awesome guys’ can be predators and abusers. It’s tough to accept but we have to. If we say we support victims – women, children, men (and) boys – then we must take this stance.”

Christina’s post came after Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis issued an apology for writing character letters in support of their That ’70s Show co-star ahead of his sentencing.

“Unfortunately I’ve known lots of ‘awesome guys’ who were lovely to me, who have been proven to be abusers privately. I’ve also had personal experience with this,” the Sleepy Hollow star confessed.

Christina concluded her post by urging fans to “believe victims”.

“It’s not easy to come forward. It’s not easy to get a conviction,” she stated.

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