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Church of Scientology slams ‘ludicrous’ Leah Remini lawsuit

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Leah Remini

Representatives for the Church of Scientology have responded to a lawsuit filed by Leah Remini.

In a statement to multiple outlets on Thursday, the Church of Scientology addressed a stalking and harassment lawsuit filed on Wednesday by the former member and The King of Queens star.

“This lawsuit is ludicrous and the allegations pure lunacy,” the statement read. “Remini spreads hate and falsehoods for a decade and is now offended when people exercise their right to free speech, exposing her for what she is – an anti-free speech bigot.”

Remini sued the institution and its leader David Miscavige, claiming they had intimidated, harassed, and defamed her, and caused her emotional distress, since the 2006 wedding of fellow member Tom Cruise to Katie Holmes.

“Remini’s complaints are like an anti-Semite complaining about the Jewish Anti-Defamation League for exposing the anti-Semite’s bigotry and propaganda,” the organisation’s statement continued. “Remini’s obsession with attacking her former religion, by spreading falsehoods and hate speech, has generated threats of and actual violence against the Church and its members as evidenced by multiple criminal convictions of individuals poisoned by Remini’s propaganda.”

Calling Remini a “horrible person” with “antisocial traits”, the reps claimed that the actress and producer had “profited handsomely from her fabrications”.

“If Remini can no longer get a job, she has nobody to blame but herself,” they concluded. “The Church is not intimidated by Remini’s latest act of blatant harassment and attempt to prevent truthful free speech. If Remini does not believe in free speech, then she should consider emigrating to Russia.”

Remini joined the Church of Scientology as a child in 1979 and left in 2013.

Since her exit, Remini has hosted a documentary series and podcast and released a book about her experiences there.

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