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Ciara unveils ‘antimicrobial’ accessories line

Dare To Roam Ciara

Ciara is launching a line of backpacks made from “antimicrobial” fabric.

The Level Up singer unveiled Dare to Roam on Monday, with the brand offering up a collection of everyday accessories, including the Prodigy backpack in two sizes, as well as a lunchbox.

“I’m excited to share a cool, new project that I’ve been working on to help rebuild your confidence as we all get back out into the world,” said Ciara. “After so much time indoors, Dare to Roam is all about feeling protected as you start travelling, sending your kids off to school, and getting back into the motions of everyday life.”

For the project, Ciara has partnered with the team at creative agency Harper + Scott. In addition to developing stylish and ethically-made products at accessible prices, the collaborators designed each piece using a custom nylon with antimicrobial protection and a water-resistant finish to withstand the growth of odour-causing bacteria.

“The collection is a shield against harmful bacteria as DTR bags have been shown to suppress the growth of mould, mildew, fungi and bacteria on the product to virtually eliminate odours, discoloration and other deterioration of the product. Because this functional textile can stay cleaner longer, the Dare to Roam collection requires less washing, offering a more energy and water-efficient option to an everyday essential,” a brand representative explained.

The Dare to Roam backpacks will be available to purchase from 11 August. Items are priced from $42 to $98 (£30 – £71), with three per cent of all profits benefitting the Why Not You Foundation, which was co-founded by Ciara and her husband Russell Wilson to fight poverty through education.

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