Cindy Crawford fighting ageism by appearing in nude photoshoots
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Cindy Crawford fighting ageism by appearing in nude photoshoots

Cindy Crawford wants to show women in their fifties there is “still beauty” in getting older.

The fashion icon, along with her supermodel friend Christy Turlington, has now opened up about how she feels it’s important to do photoshoots, including nude pictures, as means of proving to society that women are beautiful no matter what their age.

“We want to show women who are 53, and I think Christy just turned 50, that there’s still beauty in that,” she told WWD, before revealing that she was happy with the “tasteful nudes” she recently did for famed photographer Russell James’ book, Angels.

However, Cindy recalled an incident in which she had to respond to an online troll who criticised the sultry shots.

“I remember some snarky person on Instagram – there seem to be a lot of those – posted something like, ‘Ah, why are you still doing those at your age?’ And I was like, is there an age where being nude isn’t beautiful? It’s just a different kind of beauty,” the model explained, but did admit it is a “little harder” to get herself motivated for nude photoshoots and joked that she needed Viagra to perk herself up. “I hope this is politically correct, but sometimes I say I need Viagra for shoots. It’s harder to get it up.”

And Cindy noted the importance of women indulging in self-care and treating themselves as kindly as they would their friends: “That is part of the reason I still do shoots.”

The mother-of-two touched upon her beauty secrets too, and championed the beauty of confidence, along with her skincare line, Meaningful Beauty.

“Using it daily along with avoiding the sun, not smoking, drinking a lot of water, and getting enough sleep is key to looking and feeling good at any age,” she shared.

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