Clownpocalypse: This whole creepy clown thing is getting real

Clownpocalypse: This whole creepy clown thing is getting real

I consider myself open to the strange and usual. Like Lydia Deetz from Beetjuice (Winona forvever!)I myself are strange and unusual. BUT WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THE CREEPY CLOWNS?

Why are people loitering around public spaces dressing like clowns? A rash of creepy clowns have been spotted across America. Here’s a map of just some of the clowns that are lurking around the country.

Things have gotten so out of hand in the nation’s creepy clown crisis that the White House is deferring to the FBI. Scary.

Here’s an idea on how we, as a nation, have come to this point:

We’re even getting creepy clowns in our own backyard! My hometown of Farmington is the latest city to be visited by a loitering costumed creeper. Bobo the Friendly Clown was hanging out in Farmington parks and intended to visit the town’s school cafeterias. Farmington’s police chief, Brian Lindquist, made it clear in a Facebook post that Bobo the Friendly Clown was not welcome to sit down for a hot slice of rectangle pizza.

But it seems that our Bobo nightmare is over, because in an updated Facebook post, police chief Lindquist says that Bobo was just trying to scare a friend.

Have you encountered a creepy clown? Are you scared of creepy clowns? Has this whole creepy clown thing gotten out of hand?!



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