Colleen & Bradley are GIVING UP SUGAR…
Bradley Traynor

Colleen & Bradley are GIVING UP SUGAR…

… for 30 days.

Woe unto you, listeners. Team CoBra is giving up sugar for the next 30 days.

Lord help us.

For the next month, Colleen, Bradley, and Holly have agreed to remove from their diets any added sugar.

Anything that has sugar, faux-sugar, sugar-wannabe’s, or anything remotely approaching a sugar substitute on its ingredient label is VERBOTEN!

Colleen has decided to throw dietary restriction caution to the wind and remove a whole host of other things from her diet, including, but not limited to dairy, grain, and beans.

Pray for her.

And us.

Better yet, join us! Everything we’ve read says removing added sugars from your diet leads to a whole host of health and mood benefits.

The rules are simple: Don’t eat anything that has added sugar. Look at the label. If it has “sugar” or any of the 57 other names for sugar on the ingredient label, don’t eat it. Good news, fresh fruit is fine.

If you’re on social media, tweet us with the hashtag #nosugar30.



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