Color Me Badd members get into scuffle on stage
Colleen Lindstrom

Color Me Badd members get into scuffle on stage

Remember Color Me Badd? They had one hit. “I Wanna Sex You Up.”

Well, it turns out that their relationship has gone Badd because in NY at a casino performance this weekend two of the band members couldn’t get past their differences.

One of the members (Brian K. Abrams – in case you want to know and can tell them all apart) was upset with another member, Mark Calderon. Apparently Mark had been having an off night and left the stage to deal with himself at one point, and Brian couldn’t let go of it. So, at the end of the song he walked up to Mark, and like a toddler on the playground pushed him over.

Mark had some injuries after falling into some equipment and was brought to the hospital and treated for back and neck pain.

And Mark was booked for misdemeanor assault.




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