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Cynthia Nixon ‘took some time to recover’ from political run

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Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon “took some time to recover” following her unsuccessful run for New York Governor four years ago.

In March 2018, the Sex and the City actress announced she was running for Governor of New York as a challenger to Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo, and after six months of heavy campaigning, she lost to Cuomo in the Democratic primary.

In an interview with Vogue, Nixon admitted the campaign was draining and she need to take a break to recharge afterwards.

“I mean, a political campaign does take a lot out of you,” she said. “And so I took some time to recover. That was very needed and very welcome.”

When asked if she might return to the political arena in the future, the 55-year-old replied, “I mean, I was very politically involved before I ran, and I’m still very politically involved. But I really ran because no one else would run against Andrew Cuomo – because he was so famously vindictive that if you opposed him, whatever political career you previously had would be ended. So that’s why I ran. I couldn’t bear to have him run unopposed.”

Cuomo resigned from office in August 2021 amid numerous allegations of sexual misconduct. At the time, Nixon made a jab at her former political rival after he was stripped of his Emmys by tweeting, “The difference between me and Andrew Cuomo? Neither of us is governor, but I still have my Emmy(s).”

Cuomo was replaced by Kathy Hochul, the state’s first female governor.

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