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Daisy Edgar-Jones took responsibility of playing real victim in TV show ‘incredibly seriously’

FX`s `Under The Banner Of Heaven` TV Series Premiere
Daisy Edgar-Jones

Daisy Edgar-Jones took the responsibility of portraying a real-life murder victim in Under the Banner of Heaven “incredibly seriously”, according to her co-star Andrew Garfield.

In the new true-crime series, the Normal People actress plays Brenda Lafferty, a Mormon woman who was brutally murdered along with her infant daughter by religious extremists in 1984.

Garfield, who portrays the police detective investigating the crime, told The New York Times that his co-star took the responsibility of portraying Lafferty “incredibly seriously”.

“There’s something unnameable that certain people have,” he added. “And, yeah, it’s talent. But it’s also a charisma and the kind of instant identification that you feel as an audience member where you go, ‘Oh, I know this person, and I love this person.’ Even without them saying anything, you can feel their soul moving in a certain way and you want to follow whatever journey they’re on.”

Unlike other true-crime shows, the murder of Lafferty is never shown – instead, the series presents flashbacks depicting what she was like when she was alive.

“That was something I felt was really important,” Edgar-Jones said of the decision. “Why would you want to capture the worst thing that could happen to somebody? Instead, you let their life be what’s defining.”

Off-set, the Where the Crawdads Sing star became close friends with Garfield and one of their favourite activities was renting electric scooters. He shared, “She would ride those scooters into the bitter winter months in Calgary until her hair started to freeze. She’s all about fun.”

Under the Banner of Heaven is streaming on Hulu and Disney+ now.

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