Damian Holbrook on Gotham, Witches of East End and Katherine Heigl
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Damian Holbrook on Gotham, Witches of East End and Katherine Heigl

TV Guide magazine’s Damian Holbrook joined us on Wednesday to talk all things TV, and he is always just so good.

See some of our Q&A below, and catch the whole interview on Wednesday’s Hour 1 podcast.

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Are people liking Gotham?

People are either loving it or losing interest in it. Some people are missing Batman… but you gotta wait.

I’m loving it. Visually, it’s dynamic. Jada Pinkett Smith is amazing. She looks incredible, and she recently said [Gotham] is the most fun she’s had on camera in her career.


What are the shows people thought wouldn’t do well, that now have an audience?

Mysteries of Laura — Debra Messing is a certified TV star. Also, Stalker.


The Blacklist has gotten so violent. Thoughts?

There’s a lot going on… but I’m loving Megan Boone this season.


The new Katherine Heigl show, State of Affairs  — have you seen it?

I’ve seen the pilot. I didn’t have a problem with it. I love Alfre Woodard. And Katherine Heigl — I’m done thinking she’s terrible. She’s pretty solid in this. I don’t know if people are going to watch it, but I hope they do.


Jane the Virgin

How much do we love this show?! Gina Rodriguez so good.


Are you sad “Witches of East End” got cancelled?

I’m not sad, but I’m surprised.


Coming back: White Collar, Covert Affairs

Can’t wait for: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!


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