Dan Levy urges ‘Schitt’s Creek’ fans to stop visiting show’s real-life location
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Dan Levy urges ‘Schitt’s Creek’ fans to stop visiting show’s real-life location

Dan Levy has urged fans of his hit TV show “Schitt’s Creek” not to visit the town where it was filmed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The programme, co-created by Dan and his father Eugene Levy for Canada’s CBC Television, has become a massive hit for Netflix, and is currently airing its final season in the U.S.

It was filmed in Goodwood, Ontario, which has seen an influx of visitors since the show started airing.

And while residents are usually fine with fans visiting the town, Uxbridge mayor Gary Barton issued a statement to The Hollywood Reporter requesting people make their visits once the quarantine and isolation guidelines amid the pandemic are lifted.

“We love that we have been chosen as the home of Schitt’s Creek and we have enjoyed meeting and hosting the fans of the show, especially the Schitt Heads who have come to visit our beautiful community,” his statement read. “We look forward to welcoming fans in the future when the borders are once again open and travel advisories and health care crises have abated.”

Dan, who also stars in the show, then retweeted the statement on Twitter and added his own message.

“The towns where we shot Schitt’s Creek were so lovely and accommodating to us. Please show them the same respect,” he wrote. “Visiting right now is a threat to the residents’ health and safety. Thanks for understanding.”

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