Darren Aronofsky accepts people are ‘upset’ over Mother!
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Darren Aronofsky accepts people are ‘upset’ over Mother!

Darren Aronofsky isn’t surprised people are upset by his new movie Mother!

The American filmmaker’s latest project stars his girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence as the title character, whose relationship with her husband (Javier Bardem) is pushed to the limit when uninvited guests arrive and cause havoc at their house.

The feature has received mixed reactions, though Aronofsky understands it’s an unsettling watch, especially as he filled it with religious and environmental symbolism.

“Anytime you do something that aggressive there are going to be people who enjoy it, who want to be on that roller coaster ride, and then there are others who say, ‘Oh no, that was not for me,’” he told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s all good. I don’t mind people are upset by the film because it’s supposed to be a reflection and a cautionary tale of what’s happening to the planet. And it’s hard, because I’m pointing at all of us saying, look what’s going on! Let’s think about this! I’m also guilty, I’m not any better.”

Despite his bravado, the director does wish people would acknowledge the effort put into the project, notably the lack of score and the three camera shots used throughout the whole story; on Lawrence’s face, over her shoulder and her point of view. Pointing out that these elements are “really hard to pull off”, Aronofsky insists it wouldn’t have been possible to make such a film even five years ago.

Another factor which makes Mother! stand out is how it was shot using 16mm film, which the director says has become a part of his style and interest. He also used this technique on his hit films The Wrestler and Black Swan, though it does present more technical difficulties compared to shooting digitally.

“It just has a creamy unique texture to it. It’s something different than what you see, and I think and hope that’s cool for audiences,” he concluded.

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