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David Ayer claims James Gunn said his Suicide Squad cut will have ‘its time to be shared’

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David Ayer

David Ayer has claimed new DC Studios boss James Gunn told him his director’s cut of Suicide Squad will have “its time to be shared”.

The filmmaker has been openly critical of the final studio-sanctioned cut of his movie, which he previously claimed was “ripped to pieces” by Warner Bros. executives and looked nothing like his version.

In an update on Sunday, Ayer claimed on Twitter/X that Gunn has indicated his director’s cut would eventually see the light of day.

“All I know is my unseen film plays much better than the studio release,” he wrote. “The interest in my cut being show(n) seems real and organic. And Gunn told me it would have it’s (sic) time to be shared. He absolutely deserves to launch… his DC universe without more drama about old projects.”

Suicide Squad, starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie, was released in August 2016 to negative reviews. After Justice League flopped in 2017, Warner Bros. officials agreed to release director Zack Snyder’s cut of the film, and Ayer is still determined to get the same treatment.

“There’s a genuine curiosity and interest from a lot of people. And I’m aware (that) there is another group of people that have fun mocking the film,” he added. “Have you ever had an experience in life that didn’t (go) the way you wanted, that dragged you, that made you rethink everything? I have.

“In a way I’m chained to this thing. I’m riding a tiger here and navigating this situation the best I can. Life is a very strange journey.”

Gunn, who became the co-chairman and co-CEO of DC Studios alongside Peter Safran in November, released The Suicide Squad, a standalone sequel to Ayer’s Suicide Squad, in 2021.

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