David Letterman and Jay Z talk infidelity
Dawn McClain

David Letterman and Jay Z talk infidelity

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, the Netflix Interview Hour hosted by David Letterman featured Jay Z this Friday.  They discussed many things they had in common, like a paper route (for Jay Z, it was crack)

One thing that the two men have in common, is infidelity.  Showing real remorse, David Letterman breached the topic at the end of the episode.  I thought this was a great idea, since it was probably on everyone’s mind.  It also gave the episode closure.  They both are wonderful men, and more importantly, they have wonderful wives who daily work on their marriage and should be commended for that.  Rolling Stone has a great article recapping 10 things we learned from the interview, if you want some cliff notes.  Here is a portion of the video if you haven’t checked it out on Netflix.  I found that for the most part, he is approaching his life in a very non-confrontational manner, always seeing the positive side of what life can teach you.  He also has 22 grammys! I was a big fan of the special.  What did you think?  Alexis was annoyed by the “field trip” they took to Rick Ruben’s studio.  That was a little bit odd, since the artist they featured had nothing to do with Jay-Z.



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