Deadpool 2 stuntwoman: ‘Joi Harris wasn’t ready for film work’
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Deadpool 2 stuntwoman: ‘Joi Harris wasn’t ready for film work’

A Deadpool 2 stuntwoman who was training tragic Joi Harris for an action scene in the movie has revealed she knew the motorbike racer wasn’t ready for film work.

The unidentified crew member tells The Hollywood Reporter she “cringed” every time Harris had to perform a stunt on set – because she was struggling to pick up pointers.

Harris died after she lost control of her motorcycle and crashed through the glass of the Shaw Tower’s ground floor studio in Vancouver, Canada on 14 August (17).

Health and safety officials are still investigating the tragedy, but her fellow stunt performer insists Harris simply wasn’t ready for movie work.

“She was improving, but I was watching her and, oh my God, I thought, ‘It’s just a matter of time before she crashes into a wall or runs somebody over’. I cringed every time she went out. Like, ‘When is she going to crash?'”

The unnamed stuntwoman claims she told the film’s producers about her concerns.

Meanwhile, veteran Hollywood stunt co-ordinator Conrad Palmisano has been in touch with his peers on the Deadpool 2 set, and he claims movie bosses struggled to find a double for actress Zazie Beetz, because there are so few African-American stuntwomen – so they opted for a bike racer.

Moto-D Racing president Scott Diamond, whose company sponsored Harris as a racer, told Variety Joi wasn’t the type of person to take risks: “I don’t know the specifics of the stunt, but I know she would have been safe and prudent,” he said. “She was a very responsible and mature person.”

Production on Deadpool 2, which stars Ryan Reynolds as the titular comic book character, was briefly halted following the on set tragedy, but resumed two days later, when the actor led a moment of silence in Harris’ memory.

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