Dear Justin Bieber, she’s just not that into you
Marley McMillan

Dear Justin Bieber, she’s just not that into you

Justin Bieber posted this throwback photo over the weekend of himself and Selena Gomez from a few years ago:


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Gomez actually responded to the photo, commenting below, “Perfect,” which I think she meant sardonically.

I think Bieber is in a dark place. If he’s lonely, or vying for attention, taking to Instagram to talk about your personal life is not the right way to go. It’s too bad, because it seemed that he had cleaned his act up before releasing his album, but that the success of his music has landed him right back where he started: lost.

I hope nothing to drastic happens before his tour ends, but once it does, I firmly believe he should move in with John Mayer in Montana and whittle wood for awhile.

Besides whittling, Bieber needs to do one thing and one thing only: make music. The media, the models, the cameras, the interviews — need to go. He just can’t handle it, and I should know.

I’m his wife, after all.




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