Dear Diary: our last diary entries with LIVE in-studio reads and a trip down memory lane!
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Dear Diary: our last diary entries with LIVE in-studio reads and a trip down memory lane!

6/22/18 our last Dear Diary LIVE in-studio reads!

Dear Diary ended today with live reads from Aila and Sabrinas — actresses reading real diary entries from Little Alexis and Little Dawn. We laughed listening back, gave out awards and gifts. Fun day!

5/25/18 Alexis is moving and Dawn’s experienced boyfriend!

Little Alexis is moving to Minnesota. This is her last diary entry at her home in New Jersey. Little Dawn has a new experienced boyfriend – an entry so racy, our understudy Bradley Traynor needed to read it!

5/11/18 Dad doesn’t understand and one big ass weenie!

Little Dawn’s dad doesn’t understand and she’s working through her New Year’s resolutions. Little Alexis’ friends have a birthday/going away party for her and someone’s not wearing underwear.

5/4/18 (more) Drama with Kristen and prank calls!

Little Dawn has had it with Kristen; she’s determined to steal her man! And Little Alexis hates prank calling people, but thinks it’s funny.

4/27/18 Lex’s perm and Dawn’s love life!

Little Alexis wants a perm, but her mom won’t let her get one and Little Dawn’s nemesis at school keeps getting in the way of her love life.

4/20/18 Popular boys and moving to Northfield!

Little Dawn is still waiting for Christmas gifts from Aunt Kathy and wants a popular boyfriend. Little Alexis is coming to grips with the fact that her family is moving to Northfield, MN in the middle of her 8th grade year.

4/13/18 Boys and moving!

Little Dawn is trying to decide which boy she likes and Little Alexis finds out she has to move to Minnesota! Ugh!

4/6/18 Stop Being Jerks and Buttholes!

People in Little Alexis and Dawn’s lives need to stop being jerks and buttholes. We hate it, we hate it, we hate it! Plus Jason has a Little Jason surprise for us!

3/30/18 Little Dawn is mega-bored and Little Alexis gets in trouble…again!

It’s FriYAY and time for Dear Diary — diary entries Little Alexis and Little Dawn wrote as kids. We have kid actors voice them; this week Little Dawn’s mega bored and gets burnt by her bike seat. Little Alexis gets caught tricking her family, but is the trick on them?

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