Demi Lovato poses nude for Vanity Fair: Confident or Thirsty?
Marley McMillan

Demi Lovato poses nude for Vanity Fair: Confident or Thirsty?

Demi Lovato has just posed nude for Vanity Fair, but it doesn’t seem to be your average pop star stripping down for attention…. or does it?

In the video above, Lovato explains that she decided to pose nude to promote self-acceptance and positive body image, because she herself has dealt with the trauma of eating disorders.

That said… we have a couple questions.

  1. Is she actually just promoting her upcoming album? In one of the photos, she is wearing a t-shirt with the word “Confident” across the front, which just so happens to be the name of her next single and upcoming album.
  2. She looks amazing in these photos. She has the body everyone wants right now; why wouldn’t she be confident? I could see people with body issues looking at these photos and being more envious than empowered. We need someone like Amy Schumer to do this. Not to say Schumer’s not beautiful, but she is further away from the typical Hollywood standard.

As Lori Barghini happened to say in the hallway at myTalk today, Demi Lovato is great, but she is “THIRSTY.”

On that note, so am I. I’m off to the bar.

Click here to see the Vanity Fair photos.

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