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Diane Kruger reveals daughter’s name

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Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger has finally revealed her daughter’s name.

While promoting her new children’s book, titled A Name from the Sky, in an interview with People, the Inglourious Basterds actress explained how she and partner Norman Reedus settled on the perfect moniker for their now three-year-old daughter, Nova Tennessee.

“Nova in Latin means new beginning, and a nova star keeps changing and is reborn,” she shared. “And we love Tennessee and the Smoky Mountains; we do motorcycle trips there.”

Diane went on to divulge that Nova’s nicknames include “Noonoo” and “Neenee”.

Elsewhere in the chat, the star described how she hopes A Name from the Sky will help children to feel empowered by their own names.

“I think as children, we suffer through things, whether that’s a given name, or somebody says something mean to you,” the 45-year-old mused. “Everything is so up in the air. In time, your powers will come, and you don’t have to worry. That kind of was the idea of the book.”

Diane also reflected on her own name, as it was an uncommon one when she was growing up in Germany.

“I remember coming home crying because kids were making fun of my name,” she recalled, before noting that her mother then detailed the story of the Roman goddess Diana, whom she was named after.

“It truly changed my life, how I see myself today,” Diane summarised.

A Name from the Sky is set for release in October.

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