Diane Lane: ‘I still respect Kevin Spacey as an actor’
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Diane Lane: ‘I still respect Kevin Spacey as an actor’

Diane Lane still has “tremendous respect” for Kevin Spacey as an actor, despite the sexual assault allegations heaped against him.

The actress landed a role in the final season of Netflix political drama House of Cards just before Spacey was fired from the series last year (17), following multiple accusations of sexual misconduct from several men.

Lane, who plays the well-positioned childhood friend of Robin Wright’s presidential character Claire Underwood on the show, did not think about Spacey’s fall from grace when she agreed to appear in the series.

”When you look back you see things differently from a different landscape, or through a different filter, rather, and all I can say is… I have tremendous respect for his artistry and it seemed to me… you know, I didn’t question anything, so to me it was a wonderful opportunity to do what I do and it continued to be that,” she tells The Guardian. “It’s just that some ingredients had shifted around. I didn’t have any judgment. It’s not my place to have any judgment.”

Diane is supportive of the #MeToo movement, launched to shine a light on sexual misconduct and assault last year, but she reveals she has never experienced the casting couch or sleazy producers and film bosses during her career.

The 53 year old believes she may have avoided inappropriate behavior because her drama teacher father made her aware it was prevalent in the entertainment industry from a young age.

“It certainly didn’t darken my door,” she says. “Now, I don’t know if people knew better than to try to approach me.”

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