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Dick Van Dyke is learning to play the ukulele at 97

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Dick Van Dyke

Dick Van Dyke has revealed that he is learning to play the ukulele at the age of 97.

In an Instagram post earlier this week, the Mary Poppins star shared footage from his “first ukulele lesson” with instructor Melanie Kareem.

In the video posted to the platform, the actor could be heard asking his teacher, “Where’s the F?”

The 97-year-old captioned his post, “It’s never too late to start something new.”

Kareem shared the footage on her own Instagram page and revealed that Van Dyke became inspired after watching his wife Arlene learn how to play the instrument.

“Ukulele playing is contagious! @official_dick_van_dyke cheered on his wife, Arlene, for a few weeks of lessons with me. Then he wanted to give it a whirl himself,” she wrote.

Sharing a screengrab of an article about the veteran actor’s new hobby, the instructor added, “ABSOLUTELY @official_dick_van_dyke! I whole heartedly agree: It is never too late to learn something new! Thank you Arlene Van Dyke @bijoubox for the way you love and care for your hubby which inspires him. Then, he in turn, inspires all the rest of us (sic)!”

Van Dyke has been married to make-up artist Arlene, 51, since 2012.

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