Did you watch ‘Dietland’? You should.
Bradley Traynor

Did you watch ‘Dietland’? You should.

Monday night’s two-hour premiere of AMC’s new female-driven satire Dietland was a game changer.

Based on Sarai Walker’s novel of the same name, Dietland tells the delicious, albeit oft-dark tale of Plum Kettle (Joy Nash). Preferring to live in the shadows, Plum is a ghostwriter for the editor of cardboard cutout fashion magazine “Daisy Chain.” Her life of hum-drummery is summarily turned upside down after she crosses paths with several mysterious women.

I laughed, I got emo, about halfway through I was rooting for Plum to burn it all down.

There’s a lot in this show perfectly timed for the #MeToo world we now find ourselves in. It’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a show unique on the current TV landscape. Gone are the women-as-catty-cat-fighting-bitches tropes we’ve all come to expect. Instead, we find a protagonist who is insecure and doubtful about the world she finds herself in. And somehow, she’s avoids becoming a tired punchline.

It’s a breath of fresh, yet delightfully subversive air.

You can catch the first three episodes online at AMC. The show airs Monday night.



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